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the semi-regular musings of a semi-regular dude who's trying his best to make anything-but-regular music.


just like the jeffersons

that's right, boys and girls, i've packed up my shit and moved to a new site.

you can now find my little slice of nirvana over here.

please adjust your links, bookmarks and lives accordingly.


my blog sucks.

really it does. el sucko. gone to hell in a handbasket even.

here are the issues:

-i don't really consider myself a blogger. i'm a musician who started a blog so he could get stuff off his chest when necessary and promote his music as much as possible. lately, i haven't been doing much playing out (been recording and trying to write). so, not much news worth reading. on top of that, i haven't had many bones to pick and haven't had the opportunity to do much "happy days" posting about my recent trip to new hampshire or the start of hockey season.
-i've been really, really busy. i took a new position at work to make more money (meaning i probably sold a little bit more of my soul), which limits my free time at work. that was, quite frankly, when i would do most of my posting, so there goes a handful of posts each week. i've also been volunteering 2-3 nites a week for congressman ford, trying to make sure he gets elected to the senate. frankly, this year's election is a lot more important than whatever i'm doing with music or life in general, so...
-blogger.com isn't mac friendly. that's why i did most of my posting at work. now, even if i had time to post from home i couldn't because my laptop took a nosedive in the past 3 weeks and i don't have the money to replace it (see above "more money" comment).
-my templates all f'd up and i don't know how to fix it. something got messed up a few weeks back and all of my links and whatnot got shoved to the bottom of the site. chris wage helped me fix it once, but i forget what he told me to do. frankly, i want a neato, new template all together like what jill's done over at she said what, but i don't have the time to make it. if you wanna make one for me, be my guest. i'll buy you a beer. maybe even two.

so that's where i am.

i know that a few of you have been concerned about sadie, mine & bwe's lovely little sexy puppy. she's been getting better - still not where she was, but the antibiotics and steroids have helped, her blood count's coming back and she's got a little more energy than a few weeks ago. lemme tell ya: that's one expensive dog. since the last week in september, i guess about a month ago, we've spent somewhere around $1000 or more on appointments, ultrasounds, drugs, blood work, tranfusions and stupid chicken breasts from sam's wholesale (that i don't want to buy but that are the only stupid things you can put her pills in that she'll eat). so basically, i need a laptop right now, but i have a dog that's alive and (mostly) well. i'll take it.



you're not the boss of me...err, um, well, actually...

check out this picture:

that's a "vote no on 1" poster on the wall of my 3.5 walled slice of heaven aka my workspace.

i've had it up for a couple of weeks and haven't gotten any negative feedback on it until today when my bosses came to me and told me that i needed to take it down to avoid possible "hr issues."

being the easy going nice guy that i am, i obliged. now, however, i'm wondering: can they force me to remove it or punish me if i don't? i don't want to cause trouble, but my guess is that if it carried a different message or supported a different cause, that nothing would've been said. in fact, i've had peta, aclu, and ralph nader flyers and material prominently displayed on my walls for the 3 plus years that i've been here.

just looking for advice and/or guidance...


dog update, cd update, travel?

busy boy, sick boy.

dog update: sadie's up & down, getting better but not as fast as we'd like. we're back to the vet tonite (again, franklin road animal hospital is staffed by saints and angels. this would be much more difficult if not for their kindness and desire to fix the dog, not buy a new hummer). we're hoping that the blood test today shows that her count's going back up and that she won't need another tranfusion. she's been pretty mopey since friday, just lethargic and not her bright, bouncy, VOCAL, normal self. fingers crossed, prayers for dogs, hoping for the best...

cd update: i finished burning and labeling all the cds for those that purchased heater in august last nite. i've got 20 or so copies ready to mail and, Lord willin' and the crick don't rise, i'll get the rest ready tonite and mailed tomorrow or wednesday morning. sorry it's taken me so long. who knew it took a month to get all that stuff done?

i'll be heading to new hampshire for a couple of days of rock climbing this week and playing in a friend's wedding this weekend, tacking a show on to the end of the trip for good measure (hello, tax write off).

sorry the updates and posts have been so sporadic lately...lots going on, undecided as to whether it's good or bad...


dogs, weddings and keith olberman

first, congrats to the new orleans saints and their fans for beating the dog piss out of atlanta. i wish that john carney would've kicked two more field goals (fantasy football implications...i lost to my brother.), but i'm glad they got the win. after what the team and the city dealt with and is dealing with, good on them.

i missed the majority of the first half because i was taking two of my dogs (mugsy & lokie) to the vet (franklin road animal hospital. can't recommend it enough.), to see if we could draw blood from them to give to one of our other dogs (sadie). we don't know what's wrong with her, but it's either anemia, erlikia (don't know how to spell it, but it's a blood disease), leukemia, or cancer. she's been on antibiotics & steroids since friday, with no real improvement, so the vet said we should try a transfusion, since she's obviously losing blood somewhere. anyway, we drew blood, i took the dogs back home, with a stop at sonic for ice cream treats for everyone, and bwe stayed with sadie at the vet until 10.30 or so while they put the new blood, fluids and other things into her. she was at the vet for about 6.5 hours yesterday, i think without a break. sadie still isn't acting much better today, but i'm hoping that the medication has her feeling badly while she gets better. if things aren't noticeably different by thursday, we go back. i can't imagine doing this with kids. i'm a "hope for the best, don't worry about what you don't know" type guy, but even i'm worried about this.

while brooke was at the vet, i was at home, working on music for a friend's wedding. i'm playing in it. no, i don't know why he picked me. yes, he's heard me. it's a non traditional wedding (kind've), so i'm playing a couple of hymns, a couple of songs by hem, an atrocious bill gaither tune and "no depression" by the carter family, among others. i got almost all the songs charted last nite, which will be a big step toward not being the embarrassment of the wedding*. if you guys want a good laugh at a bad vocal arrangement, check out the gaither tune "tho autumn's coming home". i can appreciate the sentiment, but the vocal makes me want to bust into "my way" about halfway through.

after working on the tunes, and partly while working on them, i caught countdown on msnbc. boy lemme tell you, keith olberman was spitting nails last nite. he had an editorial at the end of countdown regarding chris wallace's (fox news) sneak attack of president clinton regarding his record on osama bin laden et al. once he got done with wallace, olberman turned his attention the commander in cheat himself, w. olberman ripped the pres for, among other things, sending a moron (wallace) to do a man's job (slandering former president clinton), dropping the ball on bin laden, and generally being a blight on the american presidency. right on, keith, right on. as soon as i can find a video of olberman's editorial, i'll post it. if you haven't seen chris wallace get what for from president clinton, check it out here.

all that said, i'm pretty stressed out about the situation with sexy sadie. say a good prayer for me, bwe and the dogs tonite.

*(chad, if you're reading this, DO NOT PANIC. we've actually got a good handle on things and i'm only exaggerating for the good of the story and the reading public.)

edit: condi does the dance for the w. wonder if she's gonna wind up dancing her way on top of a sword. or, for you snl fans out there, s words.


the saints are comin'

i'm normally not one for pre-game or halftime performances, but the green day/u2 performance floored me.

the 2nd song ("the saints are coming") sounded familiar, but i guess it's not. it's by a band called the skids.

i especially like that the bands, while remaining positive, musically acknowledged the issue.


ch-ch-check it out

before you dig into me about not posting lately, hear me out:

i've been busy.

busy running, climbing, working, writing, recording (yes, new songs soon), and trying to plan on planning a video.

i've also been trying to find new ways to make it into your hearts, dear listeners. and here's the newest way:

newton dominey ringtones.

check out the banner!

i'll be adding it soon to my sidebar, as well as my (sorely needing to be updated) website and myspace profile.

check it out and let me know what you think!

(if you guys like the idea, i might just...well, tell me if you like it first)


poco a poco

my spanish is terrible, but i know enough to know that the above means little by little or maybe even gradually.

well, that's about how quickly my "free cd for cds" promotion fulfillment is coming. last nite i managed to put 10 of the 40 cds together. all the labels and covers are printed. now i just have to burn 30 more cds (which takes longer than you think), cut out 30 more covers, attach 30 more stickers to the cds, print out mailing stickers, stuff the envelopes and get to the post office.

i promise i haven't forgotten, just been busy and didn't realize how long it took to get this stuff done.

you guys are awesome and i wish that i had the ability to show my thanks to each of you in some larger way. maybe when i'm rich and famous...